Heineken pledges to carbon neutrality across value chain by 2040

Heineken is aiming to decarbonise its own production by 2030 and its full value chain by 2040. This is the first in a series of refreshed ‘Brew a Better World’ ambitions, which form an important part of the company’s new ‘EverGreen’ balanced growth strategy. “In this Decade of Action, we are committing to accelerating our actions to address climate change,” said Dolf van den Brink, Chairman and CEO of Heineken.

“We aim to be carbon neutral in our production sites by 2030 in order to meet the 1.5°C goal set by the Paris Agreement. We will further reduce our emissions through energy efficiency and speed up the transition towards renewable energy. “A large part of our overall carbon footprint beyond production comes from agriculture, packaging, distribution and cooling. “This means we will work in close partnership with our suppliers and partners to reach our ambitious goal of a carbon neutral value chain by 2040.We know that HEINEKEN can only thrive if our planet and our communities thrive.”

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