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Driving product innovation: How Vivriti Capital has created an alternative asset class to facilitate access to finance backed by agri commodities

Financing for stakeholders in the commodities sector has been fraught with challenges, making it difficult for market participants to secure timely access to financing and hindering their procurement and distribution requirements. Some of these challenges for investors include a perceived risk of adverse price volatility, the ability to control or monitor the physical commodity and liquidation of commodities, among others.

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Business Reporter: The digital future: the time to adapt is now

LONDON, April 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In a video published on Business Reporter, Andy Fairchild, CEO of Applied Systems Europe, describes how the global pandemic has forced businesses, large and small, to change the way they operate. Strategies and processes that worked before are no longer optimal. Businesses must look to technology to innovate, to optimise operational workflows, and to ensure premium customer experiences.

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Customer Engagement During The Pandemic: Lessons Learned In AI And Analytics

When it comes to understanding customer sentiment and needs, AI and analytics can be indispensable. They’re akin to the navigation system of an automobile. They can guide you to the best and shortest route to your desired destination — and that’s loyal customers. In the post-pandemic era, AI and analytics are common areas of investment. In its quarterly pulse survey of 150

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