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Flat beer could be another byproduct of the energy crisis

CO2 shortages caused by high energy prices are slamming the food and beverage industry. Breweries are taking some of the biggest hits. While atmospheric CO2 levels keep increasing, some industries aren’t getting enough of the gas. The cost of industrial CO2 has been rising since the summer. These price surges have created problems for breweries, which need the gas to carbonate beer,

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The malster Muntons taps barley and wheat malt as sustainable plant-based meat ingredient

Malt, a common ingredient in beer, is being utilized by Muntons to produce plant-based meat that is pegged as highly sustainable. Muntons utilizes a 100% environmentally sustainable malt derived from British barley and wheat to create its newly introduced plant-based burger, sausage and sliced deli beef offerings. The plant-based meat industry is constantly innovating to meet market demands from both

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