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Anheuser-Busch InBev explores upcycling spent brewers’ grain for prebiotic

By Stephen Daniells  RELATED TAGS: Prebiotics, UpcyclingBrewers’ spent grain may offer a novel source of prebiotics, according to a new study from Anheuser-Busch InBev that found arabinoxylan from the waste may boost bifidobacterial levels in the human gut. Data published in the European Journal of Nutrition​ also indicated that the arabinoxylan also led to increases in levels of the short chain fatty acids

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Bulldog’s award-winning razor made with 70% recycled beer bottles now available in Japan

Schick Japan KK, which boasts the largest share of the wet shaving market in Japan, has announced the launch of Bulldog’s Glass Razor in the Japanese market on Aug 27 at Loft and Tokyu stores nationwide. The Glass Razor is the world’s first razor with a handle made of more than 70% recycled beer bottle glass. For those who don’t

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ZX Ventures: Tracking tastes in innovation

Kendra Kuppin, director of incubation for Europe at the company’s ZX Ventures, is tasked with analysing a brand’s potential at the earliest stage of the development process. She wanted to understand whether Mike’s Hard Seltzer – a popular brand in the US – would resonate with UK drinkers. Under normal circumstances, her team would head out into stores, engage in

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