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EverGrain’s plant protein facility now operating in St. Louis

EverGrain Ingredients, a company backed by AB InBev, on June 29 began operating its plant protein production facility on the Anheuser-Busch brewery campus in St. Louis. EverGrain through a proprietary process transforms the barley used in the brewing process into protein ingredients under the EverPro brand that may be used in foods and beverages. EverPro is Upcycled Certified and Non-GMO

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In the future, edible QR codes could reveal fake whisky

Anti-counterfeit tags with QR codes are being trialled as a new kind of security measure to help reveal if the whisky you’re buying is fake. According to researchers at Purdue University’s Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering, the edible silk tags could be a step towards identifying fake alcohol products as well as counterfeit medications. Young Kim, associate head for research

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Five NFT projects started by food and drink brands

Heineken By unveiling its virtual Heineken Silver beer NFT for gamers in Decentraland in March, the beer brand aimed to take a playful dig at the current buzz around the metaverse. Its digital beer was launched at a virtual brewery on the platform and followed up with a tongue-in-cheek ‘IRL’ launch in London. According to global brand director Bram Westenbrink,

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