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There’s a New Plant-Based Milk In Town and It Comes From… Coors?

Though non-dairy alternatives like soy milk have been around for quite some time, the mainstream growth of plant-based eating has also aided a plant-based milk boom. Starbucks offers four non-dairy alternatives to milk; Dunkin’ now has three. And brands like Oatly have seen their profile grow significantly. Meanwhile, part of the excitement around plant-based everything is the touted environmental benefits as companies look to improve their

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AB InBev and WaterAid India join hands to work on water conservation

AB InBev and WaterAid India have joined hands to work for water conservation in Telangana. The consortium brings together government officials, non-profit organisations, research institutions, water sector experts, and corporates to share their expertise and evidence-based solutions to resolve the issue of shortage of clean water.  These stakeholders will work towards a common cause of water stewardship, management, and conservation

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