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The case for enzymes as a key to sustainable brewing

Consumers are increasingly sustainability-conscious and are choosing products that align with these values. In fact, a 2020 global survey revealed that 50% of people are looking to make more environmentally conscious purchasing choices. This growing environmental concern means that sustainably produced beer is rapidly rising to the top of the consumer agenda. But there are a huge number of considerations that

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Yeast of Eden — Why Genetically Modified Yeast Could Be the Next Step in Beer’s Evolution —

The year is 2030. Lagering is a thing of the past because diacetyl has been eradicated. Lambic takes three months, not three years, to make. Most core beers are entirely unhopped, and kettle sours are now called conical sours. Breweries are releasing fresh New England IPAs every three days, and line Read the full article at:

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Royal DSM debuts an adjunct brewing enzyme aimed at increasing brewhouse capacity

Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living, launched its Maxadjunct ß L high-performance adjunct brewing enzyme to allow brewers to increase the adjunct level in their beers. The idea is to enable them to improve resource efficiency by leveraging a variety of locally available unmalted materials, while also bypassing theRead More Read the full article

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