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China’s county confirmed as largest black highland barley planting base

Longzi County in China’s Tibet has been confirmed as the world’s largest black highland barley planting base by the World Record Certification Agency (WRCA). The county has a total area of 34.4 square kilometers dedicated to black highland barley cultivation. Longzi black highland barley is a unique highland barley variety in Longzi County, which grows at an altitude of 3,800

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Barley talks may be ‘first step’ toward better trade ties with China. Australia hopes wine is next

Australia and China’s agreement to review trade restrictions on barley is a crucial “first step” toward improving strained ties between both sides — but a resolution may be still be months away, Australia’s Trade Minister Don Farrell told CNBC. “Barley is the first step in a long process of stabilizing our trading relationship with China,” Farrell said Friday, after the

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