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Coca-Cola and Molson Coors partner to launch Topo Chico canned cocktails

The latest offering from Coca-Cola’s partnership with Molson Coors sees the release of a range of Topo Chico canned cocktails, hot on the heels of the brand’s line of hard seltzers, launched last year. Coca-Cola is continuing its cautious-yet-burgeoning foray into the alcoholic beverage sector through its partnership with brewing giant Molson Coors. The two companies have already collaborated on the recent

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Heineken: Hard seltzer has not yet ‘moved the dial’ in the UK

Heineken launched hard seltzer Pure Piraña in Europe last year. However, a lack of familiarity among UK consumers is holding the category back, the firm’s UK marketing director says. Despite big expectations for the category, hard seltzers in the UK are “not yet moving the dial from a scale point of view”, according to Heineken’s UK marketing director Michael Gillane.

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