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Recycling glass burns fossil fuels. Are refillables greener?

Fossil gas powers the large furnaces in Auckland that melt used glass containers and transform them into new ones. In addition, the chemical reaction to create glass releases more carbon dioxide, which blankets the atmosphere. To avoid these emissions, a group of sustainable companies want the Government to introduce a container reuse system, where bottles and jars are washed and

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Belgian brewers face packaging crisis, as bottle supplies diminish

Higher production costs and supply chain problems are putting Belgian beer makers on the brink of a nervous breakdown, as the global economic downturn takes its toll. Companies like the historic Huyghe brewery in Flanders, for example, are starting to run out of bottles. The lifeline, for now, is the accumulated stocks of bottles that were purchased from a supplier

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HEINEKEN launches “Packaging the Future” to accelerate carbon transition of its packaging suppliers.

HEINEKEN has launched “Packaging the Future”, a programme to accelerate the carbon transition of their packaging suppliers. The top 50 suppliers were invited to an online summit to network and set clear targets in climate action. This is an important milestone in the company’s goal to decarbonise its own production by 2030 and its full value chain by 2040, which

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