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Is AB InBev losing faith in craft beer?

In a move that has shaken up the independent beer sector, AB InBev has started to close down and break apart its former craft brewery buyouts. Much-loved Cleveland-based craft beer business Platform Beer Co which, according to American Craft Beer, has recently ceased operations and seen all staff laid off, was bought by AB InBev in 2019 when it was at

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Anheuser-Busch to invest $6m in new can line at New Hampshire brewery

Anheuser-Busch has announced a $6 million investment in its Portsmouth, New Hampshire brewery.  The funding will go toward building a state-of-the-art can line at the facility, which produces the company’s beer, cider and hard tea offerings.  The revamped can line will enable the facility to brew and package a forecasted 29% more beer in 2023. In 2024, production is expected

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