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Why spring barley can help growers cut their carbon footprint

Spring barley can help growers drive down their carbon footprint by using better varietal genetics and using the benefits of cover crops. Spring crops, in general, are seen as better than autumn-sown ones at carbon and nutrient recycling. Neil Fuller, independent soil and carbon specialist, says new spring barley varieties give high performance, are very efficient nitrogen users, perform better

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Barley for better brewing

Scientists at the Carlsberg Research Laboratory have developed new types of barley that cut carbon by reducing the amount of energy and synthetic inputs needed for the malting and brewing processes – achieving the desired flavour with less kilning, evaporation and filtration. This advance comes through selective breeding, not genetic modification. Trials of a new barley variety at our Northampton

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Barley farmers to participate in regenerative agriculture project

Two of Ireland’s major drinks companies are joining forces to promote regenerative agricultural practices in barley farming. Irish Distillers and HEINEKEN Ireland are coming together for a three-year collaboration which will support malting barley farmers in adopting regenerative agricultural practices on their farms. The pilot project is part of a global collaboration initiated by HEINEKEN and Pernod Ricard on the

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