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89% of Brits want plastic cups banned

A new poll has revealed that 89% of British consumers want plastic pint cups banned in an effort to protect the environment. The poll, which was conducted by Yonder on behalf of A Plastic Planet, also revealed 75% of Brits believe plastic pint cups “cheapen the experience” of enjoying their favourite beer. The survey, which was carried out across 2,073

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Whisky generates a lot of waste. It could soon help fuel your car

About 44 bottles of Scotch whisky are shipped around the globe every second, making it the world’s most internationally traded spirit and generating export revenues of £4.5 billion ($5.9 billion) last year. But for every liter of whisky, there is a huge amount of waste: around 2.5 kilograms of solid by-products known as draff, 8 liters of liquid known as pot ale, and

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EcoSPIRITS grows sustainable packaging format with flagship partnership

EcoSPIRITS is extending its closed-loop packaging solution with international drinks giant Diageo the latest company to adopt the sustainability program. Sui Ling Cheah, Executive Board Chair of ecoSPIRITS, believes the new partnership will allow the sustainability specialists to scale up its operations. “EcoSPIRITS is building a global platform for closed-loop wine and spirits. Our roadmap for Intelligent Circular will help us,

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