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Why does India love whisky so much?

BY MAGANDEEP SINGH One can jest that among the many rituals that go into the making of those long and elaborate Indian weddings, one would be where the couples’ relatives balance a whisky glass on their heads as they try to match beat with the dhol or DJ. Talking of weddings, I remember when my uncle was to get married, almost

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Scotch whisky on the table in trade talks with India

A bottle of Scotch whisky arriving in the port of Mumbai faces a colossal 150% import tariff, yet it hasn’t stopped Indians from being enthusiastic drinkers of a dram. India is the world’s biggest market for whisky, most of it termed “Indian-made foreign liquor”. The big brands sound more Speyside than sub-continental: McDowell’s, Royal Stag, Bagpiper, Peter Scot. Domestic distillers

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Did lockdowns during covid make drinking more acceptable in India?

Recently, a relative complained how her entrepreneur husband has started having one drink every evening ever since the pandemic. He wasn’t much into alcohol earlier and only an occasional social drinker. However, the gregarious gentleman, who runs his own marketing consultancy from Gurugram, took to enjoying a single drink daily when the first lockdown was announced last year. A habit

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