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For Some Whiskey Distilleries, Malting Is an Ancient Process Worth the Effort

Malted barley is one of the most important ingredients in whiskey, used for nearly every style in the world from bourbon and rye to — of course — single malt. A millennia-old process, malting unlocks enzymes that make barley more easily fermentable, and that assist in converting the starches of other grains to sugar. Essentially, malting makes the grain — which is almost always barley, though

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Top 10 award-winning Irish whiskeys

Over the past 10 years, Irish whiskey has been on an impressive upward trajectory – even in the midst of Brexit-induced setbacks and the challenges of Covid-19. Producers’ revenues are rising, new distillers are joining the industry and there’s ample room for innovation. To determine the quality of bottlings in this flourishing category, we hosted our 2021 Irish Whiskey Masters competition last

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