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Inside Bacardi’s Marketing Strategy

With a lineup of leading spirits that includes Grey Goose vodka, Patrón tequila and Dewar’s blended scotch, Bacardi Limited markets a portfolio of 200 brands. I recently asked Bacardi president and global chief marketing officer John Burke to give us an inside look at what he’s been up to during the past year’s disruptions. Paul Talbot: What strategic considerations have been

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To Succeed With Neuromarketing, What Do You Need to Know?

Much of the classic market research advice applies to consumer neuroscience as well – but the emerging field also features unique challenges. Companies once viewed neuromarketing as a risky, perhaps overhyped proposition. But scepticism is now retreating in the face of mounting research evidence. A raft of recent studies confirm that, used properly, brain-scan technology (e.g. fMRI, EEG, fNRIS) is capable of revealing the reasons for consumers’

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Get them talking – why designing for advocacy is crucial for FMCG brands

Reckitt’s Jos Harrison believes FMCG should aspire for heartfelt advocacy, much like cosmetics or electronics brands enjoy… By Jos Harrison “I used this Harpic product the other day – wow, that does an amazing job, I love it!” This is not the type of endorsement you hear every day about a hygiene product. Probably ever. Such heartfelt advocacy is more common within cosmetics,

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