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B2B CX Metrics & ROI Maturity: Linking Customer Expectations to Business Performance

B2B customer experience metrics maturity is about embedding automatic CX excellence as a way of life in your company. In human maturity, the ability to rise to any occasion and to toggle seamlessly to what’s most appropriate in any situation is deemed ideal. What customer experience metrics can empower your company to live this way? NPS® and customer effort scores

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Customer Engagement During The Pandemic: Lessons Learned In AI And Analytics

When it comes to understanding customer sentiment and needs, AI and analytics can be indispensable. They’re akin to the navigation system of an automobile. They can guide you to the best and shortest route to your desired destination — and that’s loyal customers. In the post-pandemic era, AI and analytics are common areas of investment. In its quarterly pulse survey of 150

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Getting personal: Questions to enable a better customer interface

By John Jones Key takeaways Websites should be designed for customer ease, but often their navigation prioritises business messaging instead. Interfaces that mould around a customer’s needs and desires could provide far better experiences and increase satisfaction. By asking simple questions, true motivation can be surfaced offering the real insights needed to provide customers with what they want. Despite all

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