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Big Beer makes backing craft hard – opinion

While Heineken’s recent 100% buyout of London’s Beavertown Brewery has brought despair from many quarters of the craft brewing scene, many commentators regarded it as inevitable. The Guardian’s Rob Davies said that, with Heineken owning a 49% stake since 2018, it “was always going to happen”, while beer writer Melissa Cole described it as “no big surprise”. Clearly they weren’t

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There are nearly 9,000 craft breweries in the US – but big beer dominates

Small breweries have set up in almost every town in the US but getting bigger is not easySupported by Like most of the country’s nearly 9,000 breweries, the Wichita Brewing company would like more Americans to drink its beer. That’s been an unexpectedly difficult hurdle for the Kansas company. While craft beer drinkers in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Wyoming can

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