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Asahi hikes retail beer prices for first time in 14 years

Asahi Breweries will increase prices across the vast majority of its beverage lineup, passing on surging ingredient and packaging costs to customers in a move that could spur rivals to follow suit. The hikes announced Tuesday, set to take effect Oct. 1, span 162 products including the flagship Asahi Super Dry beer, nonalcoholic drinks, chuhai canned cocktails and domestic whisky. Beer prices on store

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New recipe for Asahi Super Dry

From mid-February, the recipe and branding of Japan’s Asahi Super Dry is changing as the brand aims to remain relevant to drinkers’ changing tastes. It is the first time that the recipe has been changed since the beer was launched in 1987. Since then, Super Dry has grown to account for a suggested 90 per cent of Asahi beer sales,

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