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Digital Transformation Is Changing Supply Chain Relationships

The digital transformation of businesses is creating new products, processes, and services. But to provide these new offerings, companies must share information and assets with each other in ways that were previously off-limits. For example, digitized services may require competitors to share physical assets such as warehouse space. This, in turn, means that companies will need to change the way

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Supply chains: companies shift from ‘just in time’ to ‘just in case’

Heineken sells 300 brands to customers in 190 countries. But part of the brewer’s strategy has been to produce regional brands locally and then export them to bigger markets. When it bought majority control of Red Stripe in 2015, it repatriated production to Jamaica. Similarly, the Dos Equis brand was brewed exclusively in Mexico, though much of its sales were

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Logistics in the time of Covid

Logistics is an integral part of any supply chain. Covid-19 has shown that most organizations have underestimated their exposure and ability to cope with logistical changes, and are still grappling with what that means in the short, medium and long term. In this article, we will illustrate some of the logistical impacts generated by the health crisis by zooming in

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