Czech beer brand Kozel White (Asahi) gets global launch in Seoul

By Kim Jae-heun

Czech beer brand Kozel, owned by Japan’s Asahi, launched its new lager Kozel White in Korea for the first time in the world to test its product before taking it to other global markets, the company said Thursday.

“I am happy to introduce Kozel White in Korea with much love and respect to the Korean beer market,” Matthew Holmes, general manager of Asahi Europe Brand Korea (AEBK ― exclusive local importer of Kozel), said during the press conference held in Seoul.

“We recognize the importance of the Korean market as the global trend says ‘if it works in Korea, it works in other parts of the world.’ If the product is chosen by Korean consumers, who are picky about quality and services and sensitive to trends, it has a high possibility of success in the global market.”

Another reason for Kozel to launch its new product in Seoul first, is that Korea is the fifth largest market by sales in the world. When counting countries that do not own production facilities and only sell imported Kozel beer, Korea is the biggest market in the world.

AEBK, which sells products of other imported beer brands such as Pilsner Urquell and Peroni, showed 26.4 billion won ($20.17 million) in sales last year, up by 38.6 percent from 2021’s 19 billion won.

Kamil Ruzek, senior brewmaster of Asahi Europe & International, also presented at the launch event to provide background information on the development of Kozel White.

“Both product development and testing were carried out based on the Korean market, so it suits Korean consumers’ palate,” Ruzek said. “It is a new lager that added the scent of fruit to its excellent freshness. Kozel White provides a creamy foam of cloud-like color with a pleasant clean aftertaste. It is made for those who look for new types of beer rather than traditional lagers.”

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