Monthly Archives: January 2023

Beer Is Losing Popularity,So, what Do Millennials And Gen Z Prefer?

Amongst all the unexpected weirdness we’ve witnessed in 2022, one of the more jarring moments was hearing the news that the Japanese government was trying to encourage young people to drink more alcohol! That’s right, Japan’s millennials and Gen Z aren’t drinking enough sake. So, in August 2022, Japan’s national tax agency launched a nationwide competition—Sake Viva! —for ideas that

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Explainer: How strained China-Australia relations hit trade in coal, barley, beef and wine

China is resuming coal trade with Australia after a three-year halt following strained relations between the two countries over wider issues. WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN CHINA AND AUSTRALIA? China and Australia’s relations had been strained since 2018 when Canberra banned Huawei Technologies from its 5G broadband network. The relationship deteriorated further in 2020 after Canberra’s call for an international inquiry into the origins

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