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Brewers braced for tough 2023 as drinkers limit budgets

Consumers are buying fewer beers or choosing less expensive brands amid cost-of-living pressures Brewers and hospitality groups are preparing for a hit to beer sales this year after signs emerged of UK and European consumers limiting their drinking budgets. The squeeze on the cost of living has so far affected big-ticket purchases such as electronics and clothing more than drinks,

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Drying out: Asahi unveils 0% alcohol beer, following suit with other major brewers

 The European arm of Japanese beverage giant Asahi Group has launched a zero percent alcohol version of its popular brand. Asahi Super Dry 0.0% begins its release across eight markets this month, premiering in the UK and Ireland to coincide with dry January. Asahi creates the non-alcoholic version of its beer through “a process of dealcoholization” of the base recipe

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Carlsberg’s most important Chinese holiday celebration sales threatened by COVID

A rapid rise in Chinese COVID-infection numbers among the Chinese population could severely affect Carlsberg’s sales numbers during the much anticipated and important Chinese New Year. The Danish brewer has, during the past years, intensified its focus on the Chinese market. After three years of Chinese governmental enforcement of a strict COVID zero-tolerance, rules have now been lifted creating fear

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