Monthly Archives: July 2022

If Carlsberg did HGV trucks…

Carlsberg has taken delivery of two fully electric HGVs in a trial at its Cardiff and Thurrock distribution depots that will potentially deliver 10,000 freshly brewed pints to pubs per day. The two fully electric Renault Trucks will be on the road by the end of July, both E-Tech D Wide models weighing in at 26 tonnes and 18 tonnes.

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A Benedictine summer drinking guide

The key is in Section 40 of the Benedictine Rule, a truly monastic drinking guide. Monastic brewhouses have existed across Europe at least since the 5th century. They are, mostly, a Benedictine tradition. In his Regula (that is, the Rule of St. Benedict), Benedict clearly states that monks should earn their own keep and donate to the poor by the work of their own hands. Following

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