Monthly Archives: June 2022

AB InBev’s EverGrain announces global scientific advisory board to advance research on upcycled barley

EverGrain, a sustainable ingredient company created by AB InBev, launched its scientific advisory board to unleash the full potential of brewers spent grain (BSG) and its benefits to human health and environmental sustainability. BSG is the nutrient-rich byproduct of the beer brewing process. Five scientists from leading universities in food, nutrition and health, agriculture—and environmental sciences will advise and collaborate with

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AEGIC talks barley with China

A SIGN of hope that Australia’s stalled barley trade with China may reanimate was given last week when the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) hosted a webinar in Mandarin and English. Entitled China: Australian malting barley technical webinar, the event held some clear messages for its audience of around 80. The first was that Australian barley was in hot demand from

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