Multinational AB InBev admits non-alcoholic beer ‘hard to sell’

Non-alcoholic beer is less popular than expected, and beers with little or no alcohol will not account for 20% of beer multinational AB Inbev’s stocks by 2025, reports De Tijd.

In 2016, AB InBev set an ambitious target: 20% of its beer would consist of low and non-alcoholic beer. However, in the beer producer’s latest report, it appears that target won’t be reached, as non-alcoholic beer accounted for just 6.7% of production.

“The consumer decides what is popular” stated AB Inbev CEO Michael Doukeris at an annual shareholder’s meeting. Doukeris sharpened the company’s strategy to focus on canned ready-to-drink cocktails and non-beer alcoholic beverages, and less on non-alcoholic drinks.

Company has not given up on non-alcoholic beers though as their “non-alcoholic beer range lead to revenue growth in the first quarter,” said spokesperson Ana Zenatti.

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