Beavertown Brewery launches monthly beer subscription service

Beavertown Brewery has announced the launch of its first ever, highly customisable monthly beer subscription service, with those who sign up entered into a draw to get their entire year’s subscription for free.

Beavertown’s ‘Skullscription’ box features options from all of the brewer’s core beers:

  • Neck Oil – Session IPA 4.3%
  • Gamma Ray – American Pale Ale 5.4%
  • Nanobot – Super Session IPA 2.8%
  • Lupuloid – IPA 6.7%
  • Bloody ‘Ell – Bloody Orange IPA 5.5%
  • Lazer Crush – Alcohol-free IPA
  • Bones – Lager 4.4%

Those who get the monthly subscription can choose 24 of the above beers to be delivered each month and enjoy a £5 discount. The flexible monthly order also allows you to chance your selection of beers month on month.

The Skullscription is also available to give as a gift – you can give a mate 3, 6 or 9 months of beer paid for ahead of time.

What’s more, those who sign up by 23 June 2022 will be entered into a draw to win a years’ worth of beer completely free.

Late last year, Beavertown announced the launch of a range of hard seltzers, positioned by the brewer as “naturally fruity, bubbly, low-cal, vegan and gluten free”.

The hard seltzers come in four different flavours and ABVs and are available to buy via the brewery webshop as well as the Beavertown Corner Pin pub in London.

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