Boortmalt at the event “A Todo Trigo”: under which conditions do they seek to produce barley in the central region ?

Boortmalt, the world’s largest malt company, was present at A Todo Trigo 2022 with the aim of bringing the company even closer to producers.

“We see that there are many opportunities and a lot of enthusiasm for barley. We are looking for producers in the central zone of the country to be able to capitalize on them,” said John Scanlan, who is in charge of barley purchases for Malteria de Punta, in a dialogue with Agrofy News.

Laureano Boga, technical specialist in barley cultivation at Boortmalt, points out that due to its origin and strategy, the company seeks to have sustainable barley: “It is the one that is produced with good agricultural practices, with low carbon emissions. It is the challenge that we have in the chain, that this barley is profitable for the producer and that the carbon emission is low. We are working on detecting what the appropriate agricultural practices are.”

Although Boortlmalt is a widely recognized company in the world of malting, it is relatively new in Argentina, which is why it sought to strengthen the relationship with the agricultural sector during A Todo Trigo. In fact, there was a presentation that addressed the opportunities behind the crop that competes with wheat.

The central objective of Boortlmalt Argentina is to gradually move the origination of barley in the central region of the country, near the plant they bought in Alvear.

“We have a variety adaptation program, with specific characteristics for each region,” adds Scanlan, citing Charles and Jennifer barley, along with ACA’s Sinfonia variety. “They all have very high yield potentials,” they point out.

The agreement offered by Boortmalt is very adaptable depending on the area. The options are a basic condition to fix wheat +US$15 or feed barley +US$30. “Whoever wants to break away from the price of wheat can do so with the forage base”, they comment from Boortlmalt.

They also highlight that they are present with a competitive price through the forward market.

“Demand is stronger and more present than ever. Stock/consumption ratios are among the lowest in 20 years. China had a great forecast for imports of Australian barley and the context made it focus more on Argentina,” they add.

The main malting plant in the world has a high weighting of production in Argentina, where they invested in 2 plants: in Alvear and Bahía Blanca.

Regarding malt, more than 70% is exported and the rest is local consumption. Notably, Boortmalt supplies nearly 80% of the local craft brewery.

At the country level, the sowing estimate is 1.3 million hectares and Boortlmalt seeks to repeat the volume of 570 thousand tons originated.

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