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What is biodynamic whisky – and how does terroir come into play? The new farming practice is more sustainable and can improve flavour – meet the distilleries sparking the trend

It is not often that there is a world first in whisky, a product that has been around for centuries. But two single malts released late last year are the outcomes of nothing less than a revolutionary – and contentious – approach to the age-old spirit-making process. Biodynamic: Luna, from Waterford Distillery in Ireland, and The Biodynamic Project from Bruichladdich

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Amid inflation, premium beers are driving sales for alcohol conglomerates

As inflation concerns rise, alcohol conglomerates are betting on their premium beer brands to drive sales. During AB InBev’s first-quarter earnings on Thursday, revenue was up 11.1% year-over-year, nearly double estimates. Molson Coors, too, outperformed estimates in its earnings presentation on Tuesday, with first-quarter net sales up 16.7% year-over-year. Even as the cost of many CPG products continues to rise, consumers are still gravitating toward

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Netherlands beer consumption back to pre-Covid levels

Netherlands residents’ beer consumption recovered to pre-pandemic levels in the first months of this year, according to the industry association Nederlandse Brouwers. The beer-drinking in the catering industry was still below par, but home consumption made up for that, reports. Compared to 2019, catering businesses sold 7.7 percent less beer during the first quarter, but beer sales for home

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