Budweiser Tops State Rankings Ahead of National Beer Day

Thursday marks National Beer Day in the U.S., and apparently many more people are likely to observe after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Top Agency, a collection of global marketing firms, recently examined beer drinking trends and consumer preferences across the country.

The firm reported that beer consumption rose nearly 9% since the beginning of the pandemic.

And a poll found that although more than half of respondents sipped four or fewer beers per month, nearly one-quarter downed at least 20.

Beers in the “value” category saw a strong increase, along with no-alcohol beers and alcoholic alternatives, such as hard seltzers.

Those increases helped offset declines among premium, craft and import brands.

Top Agency found that brewing titan Anheuser-Busch dominated state-by-state beer popularity rankings.

Budweiser, the company’s flagship brew, was reportedly the most popular beer in 23 states, while Bud Light topped the list in six more.

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