Monthly Archives: February 2022

Reaction, not action, is ultimately what defines a company’s success

Managing a business is rarely a smooth process. What matters is how a company adapts to unexpected and unpredictable shocks, says Ron Emler, on the back of Treasury Wine Estates and Boston Beer results. Take coronavirus, the biggest upheaval the drinks sector has seen since Prohibition hit the US in 1920. Even the most intensive boardroom “war gaming” could not have

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Sacrebleu! French brewers use algae to make blue beer

A French brewer has started using algae with a naturally-occurring pigment to turn their beer blue. The beer, with the brand name “Line”, is the result of a tie-up between a firm that wants to popularise the algae as a dietary supplement, and a nearby craft brewery that was looking for a way to make its beverages more distinctive. The beer is selling well,

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