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AB INBEV India’s Charminar Brewery In Telangana Shifts To Renewable Electricity

Inauguration of AB InBev’s Charminar Brewery shifting to Renewable Electricity ~Charminar becomes the fourth brewery of AB InBev in India to adopt renewable electricity~ Commissioned rooftop solar plant that will start augmenting ~10% of electricity requirements at the brewery. With the addition of Charminar, AB InBev India’s breweries will source approximately 13% to 15% of electricity through renewable sources. Telangana :

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Carlsberg A/S : 138 Carlsberg Group employees help shape what’s next for the company

Carlsberg Group is well underway with a new strategy replacing Sail ’22, and this time around, it is being co-created between the leadership teams and 138 employees on the ground from 31 different markets. With the objective to bring diverse thinking into building the document that will guide Carlsberg’s work for the next five years, Carlsberg employees from all seniority

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This Is The Oldest Brewery In The World

The number of breweries needed to satisfy the world’s thirst is also considerable. In the U.S. alone, there are over 7,000 microbreweries. The oldest brewery in the world is really, really old. While earlier evidence of small-scale beer-making has been found in China and parts of the Middle East that are now in Iran and Iraq, archeologists have recently discovered the

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