Heineken settles on new stout brew after trying more than 100 recipes

A NEW stout with a very Irish special ingredient is being launched onto the Cork and Irish market by Heineken Ireland.

Now available in pubs, off licences and retailers, the drink is called Island’s Edge.

According to Heineken, the product has been almost two years in development, with the team testing more than 100 brews before settling on a product which involves adding to the process to reduce the bitterness of the stout.

“When we started developing Island’s Edge, we played with over 100 recipes and countless ingredients to see what we could add to stout to achieve a really refreshing taste,” PJ Tierney, Head Brewer for Island’s Edge at Heineken Ireland, said. 

“When we discovered that adding a touch of tea at just the right moment softens the bitterness of stout, making it smoother tasting, we knew we had landed on an unexpectedly refreshing pint of stout. 

Special glass

“We also kept the heritage of the traditional stout pour, but we knew Island’s Edge needed a different type of glass,” Mr Tierney said. “After trying three types, consumers told us they loved the feel of the tall conical glass so everything about Island’s Edge is just a little unexpectedly refreshing. 

“Myself and the brewing team in Cork are very proud to see the kegs rolling out to pubs, off licences and retail shelves across the country.” 

The roll out to Cork pubs is expected to be complete by November.

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