Heineken removes PET bottles from the on-trade

HEINEKEN UK has announced that is de-listing all PET bottles from its on-trade supply chain as the company looks to cut its carbon footprint.

The brewer said that the move will save six million beer and cider bottles – or 170 tonnes of plastic – every year.

It is one of several moves Heineken is making to become a more sustainable business. Other steps include providing more environmentally-friendly cups for on-trade operators, festivals and stadia as an alternative to single-use vessels.

The initiatives are part of Heineken’s Brew a Better World strategy, a ten-year programme to improve the company’s environmental practices.

A statement from the brewer said: “78 million tonnes of plastic waste are generated per year globally and by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean. Consumers, particularly Gen Z, are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, with 79% changing their purchasing habits based on sustainability.

“It’s therefore now more important than ever for businesses to effect positive change for the planet and provide customers with opportunities to ‘do the right thing’.”

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