Malteurop Malting Company opens two new distribution centers

Malt supplier Malteurop Malting Company (MMC) announced the opening of two additional U.S. distribution centers. — Harrisburg, Penn., and Fife, Wash. These new distribution points will make it much easier for craft brewers and distillers in the Northeast and Northwest regions of the United States to get reliable, consistent delivery of MMC malts.

The opening of the Northeast and Northwest distribution centers now gives brewers and distillers across North America six MMC distribution points, including existing distribution centers in Denver, Colorado; Louisville Kentucky; Fort Worth, Texas; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

All six distribution centers have a supply of MMC’s base malts and specialty malts (including its distillers malt), as well as MMC’s Bavarian Pilsen and French Pilsen malts imported from Europe. In addition to making delivery of these malts more reliable and consistent, more distribution points also means quicker delivery and reduced freight costs.

MMC is also a distribution partner of Belgium’s Castle Malting and intends to carry a selection of Castle Malts at its distribution centers.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., MMC has malthouses in Great Falls, Montana, and Winona, Minnesota, in the United States; as well as in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. A fourth North American malthouse in Meoqui, Chihuahua in Mexico is currently in development. MMC also has numerous transload facilities across North America, making bulk delivery of malts especially efficient.

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