Top 10 award-winning world whiskies

When the world is your oyster, where do you begin when trying to find the next best whisky to add to your collection? Our compilation of award-winning expressions provides the perfect starting point.

From Australian single malts to limited edition Taiwanese bottlings and new releases from the depths of South America, there has never been so much variety when it comes to world whiskies.

With such rapid growth and innovation coming to market, it’s important to know where quality can be found, which is precisely what our World Whisky Masters sought to discover.

To put the category to the test, a panel of esteemed tasters gathered at the Ibis Hotel in London Bridge, UK, last month. This year’s judges included: Nicola Carruthers, deputy editor of The Spirits Business magazine; Tommy Cummins, head of purchasing at The Umbrella Project; James Goggin, head of sales at Empirical; Billy Abbott, ambassador for The Whisky Exchange; Caroline Roddis, editor of The Whisky Exchange; Matt Chambers and Karen Taylor, co‐founders of the Whisky For Everyone blog; Evan Prousaefs, bar manager at The Leaf and Cane in London; Michel Fichtner, head bartender at the Coburg Bar at The Connaught hotel in London; and Melita Kiely, editor of The Spirits Business and chair of the tasting.

To help you make your next purchasing decision, we’ve picked out 10 of our favourite whiskies from the tasting, which all scored Gold or Master medals.

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