Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Estrella Jalisco Classic Michelada – Product Launch

Anheuser-Busch InBev has added another flavour to the Estrella Jalisco Mexican beer range in the US. Estrella Jalisco Classic Michelada is based on the clamato-flavoured michelada beer cocktails popular in Mexico. Clamato is a spiced tomato juice with clam broth.

The new flavour joins Tropical Chamoy Michelada – released earlier this year – in Estrella Jalisco’s US portfolio. A-B InBev launched Estrella Jalisco in the US five years ago. The brand is handled by the brewer’s ‘High End’ North American craft beer division. “Expanding our canned michelada line-up with the Classic Michelada was all about bringing it back to the basics, and this summer that means reconnecting with the people who matter most in our lives,” said Jayden Kahl, senior director for Estrella Jalisco in A-B InBev’s US unit, Anheuser Busch. “The Classic Michelada is the flavourful addition you’ll want at your family barbecues, game days and summer brunches all season long.”

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