Suntory doubles sales prediction for no-ABV RTD

Suntory initially envisioned that sales of the RTD would reach 980,000 cases in 2021, with one case equating to 24 250ml bottles/cans. However, the producer is now expecting volumes to surpass two million cases – more than double initial expectations.

The alcohol-free variant has a lemon aroma with umami flavours that come from a non-alcoholic extract of shōchū. Suntory believes demand is being driven by an increase in health-conscious consumers, who are seeking non-alcoholic alternatives. To meet the growing demand from consumers, Suntory is also set to release the RTD in packs of six cans on 13 July.

On 7 September, the non-alcoholic RTD will also be launched in a 500ml can. After our Asian Spirits Masters blind tasting earlier this year, we compiled a list of the top award-winning spirits from the region. These are the world’s best-selling RTD brands selling more than one million nine-litre cases annually.

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