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Ukraine, the second largest country in Europe after Russia, is a major producer and exporter of agricultural crops, with a large area of fertile land devoted to producing grains and oilseeds.

The International Grains Council (IGC) forecasts Ukraine’s total 2021-22 grains production at 74.2 million tonnes, up from 64.9 million the year before. The wheat crop is put at 27.2 million tonnes, up from 25.5 million, while production of maize is predicted to rise to 37.3 million tonnes from 30 million in 2020-21. Ukraine’s production of barley is forecast at 8.1 million tonnes in 2021-22, up from 8 million the year before. The country also is expected to produce an unchanged 400,000 tonnes of oats.

The IGC’s forecast for total Ukrainian grains exports in 2021-22 is 53.1 million tonnes, compared to 45.3 million the year before. Ukraine’s imports of grain are too small to figure separately in the IGC’s estimates for 2021-22, but the IGC gave a figure of 100,000 tonnes in 2020-21. Wheat exports in 2021-22 are put at 19 million tonnes, up from 17 million. Maize exports are forecast at 29.6 million tonnes, revised down from a previous figure of 30.1 million and up from 23.7 million the year before. Ukraine’s barley exports are put at 4.3 million tonnes, unchanged from the previous year.

Ukraine also is expected to export 60,000 tonnes of oats, down from 80,000, and 4,000 tonnes of rye, unchanged from the previous year.

Soybean production in Ukraine is put at 3.6 million tonnes in 2021-22, up from a previous estimate of 3.2 million, and also up from 2.8 million tonnes in 2020-21. The forecast for Ukraine’s rapeseed output is 2.5 million tonnes in 2021-22, compared with 2.7 million the previous year. Exports of soybeans are put at 2.3 million tonnes, trimmed from a previous estimate of 2.4 million and up from 1.8 million the year before. Its exports of rapeseed are forecast at 2 million tonnes, down from 2.1 million in 2020-21.

In an April 20 report, the USDA attaché said “unfavorable climatic conditions in 2020 resulted in lower production volumes for Ukrainian farmers in MY 2020-21.”

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