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Labrenta sets green goals for 2030

Labrenta’s Green Deal 2030 plan aligns with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The closures maker has set out several stages for the plan, including the use of more sustainable materials, collaborations with like-minded companies, and adopting internal practices to lower the company’s environmental impact. As part of this commitment, Labrenta’s T-shape closure has been designed to be

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Suntory doubles sales prediction for no-ABV RTD

Suntory initially envisioned that sales of the RTD would reach 980,000 cases in 2021, with one case equating to 24 250ml bottles/cans. However, the producer is now expecting volumes to surpass two million cases – more than double initial expectations. The alcohol-free variant has a lemon aroma with umami flavours that come from a non-alcoholic extract of shōchū. Suntory believes

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South Korea alcohol spending to see ‘strong growth’ in 2021

The statistics comes from a new report from data and research firm Fitch Solutions, which credited the rise in alcohol spending to an increase in off-trade sales as consumers drank more at home because of the pandemic. Between 2020 and 2021, Fitch Solutions expects alcohol spending to jump by KRW0.5billion (US$1.4bn), from KRW6.4 trillion (US$5.4bn) in 2020 to KRW6.9trn (US$6.8

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