Heineken brew ups mini tank truck

Netherlands-based brewer Heineken is supplying cafés in the center of Amsterdam with what it says is the world’s first electrically powered mini tank truck.

The company’s goal is to make diesel fumes in the city “a thing of the past.”

“Heineken has a strong green ambition and we look at the entire chain,” said Hans Böhm, general manager. “Of course, this also applies to clean transport. I am pleased that we can now sustainably transport a large weight such as tank beer.”

In addition to helping to eliminate emissions, the electric mini-tanker also significantly reduces noise, Heineken said.

“This new mode of transport improves the quality of life for everyone who lives, works or visits the city center,” Böhm added. “An additional advantage is that, thanks to this leap forward, you can enjoy a beer even better on, for example, a terrace. I would rather hear smiling people and beautiful music than a roaring engine that also stinks and suffocates.”

The tank beer truck is smaller than its predecessor and therefore more maneuverable; which is beneficial for drivers and road safety. The tank beer truck “feeds” on green electricity, and with this Heineken says it does the “house color” even more justice than it previously did. Last August, the company also announced that all of its beer for the Dutch market is 100% green-brewed. The fact that the sustainability of transport is now being added to this is another milestone, and a prelude to further clean kilometers. 

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