Moon Dog to launch seltzer dispensers

Melbourne’s Moon Dog Craft Brewery has launched a dispensing system for post mix seltzers following the growth of its Fizzer seltzers range. The Melbourne brewery has already been trialling its patent-pending dispensing technology at Moon Dog World in Preston, but now has a number of bars and venues on board to rollout the dispensers, after securing a major $350,000 Manufacturing Modernisation Fund grant to facilitate the development of the technology.

“We have launched Fizzer and it’s gone really well from a pack perspective and it goes really well in venues,”explained Moon Dog brand manager Brook Hornung. “We have a shitload of taps at Moon Dog World so 8 out of 72 taps [for Fizzer] isn’t a huge issue, but no venues are looking to take off a cider or a beer tap.

“So what we’ve done is patented a world-first postmix dispensing unit for alcohol.

“Essentially what we’re going to be doing, and we’re close to rolling this out now, is brewing a super Fizzer, a 17 per cent seltzer in a 15-litre box, which can then be mixed with the soda water at the point of dispense and it will be served like a soft drink would.” Moon Dog first trademarked its Fizzer Hard Seltzer brand in July last year. Since then, they have been listed in Dan Murphy’s First Choice and BWS from June, launching four new flavours and bigger pack sizes this year as demand only grows.

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