Delaware farmers could see record low hay harvest, more soybeans this year

The National Agricultural Statistics Service’s (NASS) June 2021 acreage report estimates Delaware farmers planted about 175,000 acres of corn this year, a decrease of 3% compared to last year. The area of soybeans planted—160,000 acres—is up 7% from last year.  Delaware Department of Agriculture Deputy Secretary Kenny Bounds says the changes are within the range of normal fluctuations based on crop rotations, contract obligations and market prices. 

“For example, this year we’re looking at China rebuilding their swine herd, and they’re looking to buy a lot of soybeans,” he said.  NASS estimates are based on representative surveys and are therefore not perfectly precise, notes Delaware Farm Bureau President Richard Wilkins. 

“There is a range of error,” he said. “When we’re looking at a 3% or a 7%, that is within that range of error that may exist. I don’t see it, myself, as a real significant difference in acres from last year to be concerned.”

But hay and other grain crops saw more dramatic changes. 

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