Ireland’s Waterford Creates World’s First Biodynamic Whisky

Waterford Distillery out of Ireland recently said it had created the world’s first biodynamic whisky, set to be bottled this summer. Biodynamic: Luna will be the first whisky anywhere in the world to go on sale made from solely biodynamic barley and has been in development for several years. It will be the second installment in Waterford Whisky’s Arcadian series, which investigates how historic farming and growing techniques impact the flavor of whisky. The first installment, Organic: Gaia 1.1, was released last year.

The principles of biodynamic farming were first discussed in a series of agricultural lectures by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in 1924. They assume that each farm is its own self-sustaining organism and that elements including soil, crops, animals, people and the ‘spirit of place’ are all interconnected. Waterford has distilled around 500 barrels of spirit made from local biodynamic barley and annually incorporates biodynamics in order to fulfill its quest to create what it feels are the most flavorful spirits.

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