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New Anheuser-Busch InBev CEO Lays Out Vision for Beer Maker After Taking Reins

Newly appointed Anheuser-Busch InBev CEO Michel Doukeris hosted his first earnings conference call today since taking the reins earlier this month from predecessor Carlos Brito. “Throughout my 25 years at the company, I’ve had the privilege to lead our business across different regions of the world, working alongside the industry’s most talented and passionate colleagues every step of the way,” Doukeris said.

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Premiumisation helps boost call for malting barley

GLOBAL demand for beer containing more malt is lifting the call for high-specification malting barley as sales rebuild after COVID. Known as premiumisation of beer, it was an aspect of the market discussed by Boortmalt regional merchandising manager Simon Robertson in his address to the Grains Industry Association of Western Australia (GIWA) 2021 Barley Forum on Monday. Boortmalt is owned by the

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The 13 Types of Whiskey You Should Know

For good and for bad, there is more whiskey on shelves today than there has been in the history of the spirit. More competition between producers makes better products, no doubt, and the quality of whiskey on shelves is in all likelihood also at an all-time high, but the wealth of options breeds confusion, too. How is corn whiskey different from bourbon whiskey? Is light

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