The world’s best-selling Indian whiskies

Last year, Indian spirits faced major obstacles in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic and a 150% import tariff. However, a new ‘enhanced trade partnership’ with the UK could lower or remove the levy. The deal includes a a £1 billion (US$1.41bn) trade‐and‐investment package, and could remove the large tariff on UK-made whisky.

The tumultuous year of 2020 led to just two of the top 10 best-selling brands experiencing growth. All the same, the top brand of 2019 held its place on the leaderboard, despite a 16.4% drop in million-case sales. This year’s title of Indian Whisky Brand Champion was given to Sterling Reserve for the third year in a row. While it wasn’t among the category’s top 10 brands, it managed to retain its sales figures from the year prior despite its competitors suffering double-digit declines.

Earlier this month, we released our Brand Champions 2021 report outlining the sales of the world’s biggest spirits brands. Based on our findings, we’re counting down the top-selling Indian whiskies on the market.

Click through the following pages to discover the top 10 best-selling Indian whisky brands of 2020, listed in order of their nine-litre-case sales.

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