“Value-added roadshow” highlights Montana ag and businesses

On Thursday morning, Governor Greg Gianforte gave some remarks at the Molson Coors grain elevators in Teton County after touring the elevators.

The tour was part of what the Montana Department of Agriculture calls a “value-added roadshow” to promote products and businesses in the Treasure State. Value-added agriculture refers to taking a commodity, such as barley, and turning it into something else, such as beer, thereby adding value to the product beyond its value in its raw form.

First outside the Molson Coors grain elevators in Power and then inside in the cool lower levels, Gianforte, grain growers, beer distributors. and members of the Montana Department of Agriculture learned Thursday morning about the role Molson Coors plays in value-added agriculture in Montana.

“This is all about creating more value so our producers in the state can keep more of what they earn,” Gianforte said.

Molson Coors’ senior barley program manager, Wade Malchow, said the process of adding value to the company’s barley has several steps. “The value-added step starts with our grower relationship,” Malchow explained. “Giving the grower transparency to where their grain is going. They can take a lot of pride in knowing that their barley is in our brand. Then, for us it’s that supply assurance side and consistent high quality barley going into our process. We contract with specific growers on specific land that have specific capabilities.”

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