Pacific Northwest whiskey returns to its roots. Barley roots

There can be a lot of debate around what makes the best whiskey. Flavor is everything. Aroma adds complexity. It’s a broad landscape that makes up the variety of whiskeys available, but it’s always a certain, elusive something — the indefinable unique ingredient — that makes it like nothing else. At Westland Distillery, that ingredient is something uniquely Pacific Northwest. Forget about traditional norms that rely on peat smoke or age. Open your mind to a new way of thinking about top-shelf whiskey: Barley. On the surface, it sounds simple — barley is a well-known grain — but not all barleys are grown the same. Heritage barleys have distinctive flavors, and reflect the effects of their growing conditions, just like the terroir of wine grapes influences the flavor of each year’s vintage. Westland’s Colere American Single Malt Whiskey takes single malt back to its roots – barley roots.

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