Heineken And MorningStar Farms Are Teaming Up To Prevent FOMO This July 4

The Fourth of July is coming up, a holiday that’s often celebrated by cracking open a cold beer and putting some meat on the grill. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have that day off, so some hard working people will still have to head into work while everyone else is chilling and grilling. But luckily, people who have to clock in on the Fourth will no longer have to feel left out of the celebrations, thanks to a new partnership by Heineken and MorningStar Farms.

The best news is, individuals who don’t drink alcohol or don’t eat meat, or both, can also partake, even on a day that’s all about burgers and brews. The beer brand and the plant-based cuisine company are teaming up to deliver new custom “4th for All” kits to workers who have to put in hours on the Fourth of July. Each kit contains a plant-based Incogmeato burger, which delivers all the juicy, umami satisfaction of a red meat burger but is entirely plant-based and vegetarian, and Heineken 0.0, a cold, satisfying beverage that is alcohol-free, so even teetotalers and vegetarians can take part in all the fun.

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