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Pepsi Is About to Launch This New Alcoholic Drink

Hard seltzers and other canned alcoholic beverages are the “it” drink of summer, with what seems like an endless array of new products hitting grocery store shelves every week from beloved brands like Costco’s Kirkland Signature and Michelob Ultra, plus celebs such as country singer Blake Shelton. Now, another heavy hitter in the beverage industry appears to be trying to crack into the growing category.

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American whiskey tariffs: is relief in sight?

After a tumultuous year that saw distillers’ revenues plummet during the Covid‐19 pandemic, the American whiskey sector was given a breather when the European Union (EU) and the US came to an agreement over the incoming 50% tariff. On 17 May, just several weeks before an increased tariff was due to come into effect, representatives from both blocs said they

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Top 10 fastest-growing spirits brands

In a pandemic year, any amount of sales growth was an admirable accomplishment. When that increase comes from an already large volume base – particularly more than one million nine‐litre cases – it is an even more impressive feat. The Covid‐19 pandemic created a 6% decline in global alcohol sales in 2020 – a 15.8 billion‐litre drop compared with the

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