Whiskey Reviews: Women of Westward Benefit Barrels

While International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month cannot abolish all the injustices towards women, they play a vital role in shining the light on women’s achievements. Women have saved whiskey a time or two throughout history, and more women continue to break through the glass ceiling in the male-dominated whiskey industry. With women representing thirty percent of whiskey drinkers in the United States, they also control seventy percent of the alcohol purchasing power.

However, many companies find opportunities to capitalize on the celebration of women. We have seen Jane Walker from the Johnnie Walker label and American Woman Whiskey. Instead of giving women drinkers a female mascot or a male gaze female form bottle design, Westward Whiskey is simply letting the women behind the scenes at its distillery hand-select barrels for its Women of Westward Benefit Barrel.

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