Stella Artois to auction off NFTs of virtual racehorses

Lager brand Stella Artois is auctioning off NFTs of virtual racehorses on the Ethereum blockchain.

Successful bidders will be able to run their digital horses in virtual races in a bid to win cash prizes. When their virtual racing careers have come to an end, the horses – which will be draped in limited-edition Stella Artois skins – can then be put out to stud in order to make virtual fillies and colts. The AB InBev-owned brand will auction the racehorses off from June 15-19, which coincides with Royal Ascot. Ten digital art pieces, 10 virtual racehorses and 10 ‘Life Artois’ inspired skins will be auctioned per day.

It will also unveil a branded 3D racetrack, where owners can race their horses in the Stella Artois metaverse. The project has been launched in tandem with digital racing platform ZED RUN, which reports that some NFT digital racehorses are now being sold for £100,000 a pop.

Welcome to 2021!

Lindsey McInerney, global head of technology and innovation at AB InBev says: “With our virtual experiment, “Racing In The Life Artois”, we’re bringing the art and elegance of Stella Artois and its ‘The Life Artois’ platform to a new audience, offering players the chance to buy, race, and breed their very own NFT thoroughbreds in a ‘metaverse’ that replicates the real world of championship horse racing.”

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